Dental Assistance For Seniors

Elderly patients who are enrolled in Medicaid or the national social insurance program Medicare have a number of options when it comes to dental assistance. Certain other programs will accept seniors on the strength of Medicare’s recommendation and some Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), community health centers and dental schools will provide cheap or free oral health services to Medicaid and Medicare members over the age of 65.

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE programs offer comprehensive dental assistance to senior citizens deemed by their state’s Medicaid program as frail enough to be considered eligible for nursing home care. To enroll in the program, patients visit their nearest PACE Center and work on a care plan with a care team and appropriate relatives or caregivers. After they become members, patients go to their PACE Center to receive treatment from dentists on site. To be eligible, individuals not only have to be recommended by Medicaid, but must also be at least 55 years of age and live in a PACE service area.

RKM Primary Care Providers for Healthy Feliciana

In East Feliciana, Louisiana, RKM Primary Care is a FQHC with a number of sites, including a dental clinic. RKM Dental Clinic provides a full range of low-cost dental and dental hygiene services to the elderly. Among the general dental treatments that are offered are bridges and dentures. The clinic is open Monday to Friday, from morning through to late afternoon or evening, depending on the day. RKM Dental Clinic serves not only East Feliciana residents but also the inhabitants of West Baton Rouge. The clinic is known in the area for its short waiting times and friendly members of staff.

Seifert & Ford Family Community Health Center

Danbury Hospital is part of Western Connecticut Health Network and provides services to patients in Fairfield County, Connecticut and Putnam County, New York. In the hospital is a community health center that provides dental assistance to senior citizens of all income levels. Seifert & Ford has a generous sliding-fee payment scale to accommodate elderly patients with limited financial resources. To register with the center, patients have to visit in person. Once registered, it is often possible to get a same day appointment to see a dentist.

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University of Michigan School of Dentistry

One of the top dental schools in the country, this institution has a clinic that is open to all elderly patients, regardless of location and income. Although there are fees for the dental treatments, they are very reasonable, thus making the clinic ideal for seniors on a limited income. To become a patient, individuals attend an initial appointment where they discuss the best dental care plan for themselves and are assigned a student dentist. X-rays are taken during this first appointment. On the second visit to the clinic, patients receive a comprehensive dental exam and an equally thorough dental plan.

Elderly people do not have to feel like the forgotten members of society when it comes to dental care. Nowadays there is a lot of support for seniors on a limited income who require oral treatment. Senior citizens and their families and caregivers should demand the best care planning and services available.

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