Dental Assistance For Low Income

People with low incomes donít have to settle for substandard dental treatment or no treatment at all. Sources of dental assistance available to the needy includegovernment subsidy programs, federally-funded community organizations and dental school clinics. There are even free clinics sponsored by hospitals and charities.


A health coverage program specifically for individuals and households with limited income, Medicaid subsidizes the dental bills of those who wouldnít otherwise be able to pay. In some cases the coverage accounts for the entire bill. Many different categories of low-asset people are potentially eligible for enrolment into the Medicaid program. The eligibility groups include children, pregnant women, people with disabilities and elderly individuals requiring nursing home care. Each participating state manages its own means-tested Medicaid program. Candidates for enrolment into the program begin the application process by contacting their stateís department of community health.

Nuestra Clinica del Valle, Starr

Starr County, Texas is one of the counties with the lowest per capita income in the US, and yet is located in a state known for being among the best in the country for health care. This is what makes its community health centers both capable of delivering quality dental care and mindful of making that care accessible to low-income families. Nuestra Clinica del Valle is one such center, providing both preventive and restorative dental care at a discounted rate to those in financial need. Services from both dentists and dental hygienists are available. There are 2 Nuestra Clinica del Valle sites in Starr. One is in Rio Grande City,while the other can be found in Roma.

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

Widely recognized as one the best dental schools in North America, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine provides a number of dental services in a variety of locations including 6 school-based clinics. Students with a limited budget are welcome to attend these clinics and receive low-cost preventive and diagnostic dental care.Columbia also has a Mobile Dental Center, which is linked to 5 community-based practices in Harlem and Washington Heights & Inwood. Low-asset inhabitants of northern Manhattan can come to the mobile center for a variety of general and specialty dental treatments. Such treatments may include fillings, extraction, root canals and insertion of implants.

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45th Street Medical & Dental Clinic

This is just one of many free dental clinics in Washington. Itís open Monday to Friday and provides preventive and emergency dental care. The clinic not only offers treatments, but also dental examinations, oral health education, limited surgery and limited crown and denture services. Staff aim to schedule patientsí appointments as quickly as possible and can sometimes even schedule them for the same day. New patients can register for oral health services by attending the clinic in person.

Finding quality oral care in the United States is challenging for low-asset households, but the majority of states now recognize the importance of making the prevention and treatment of dental conditions accessible to all. Patients who invest time in seeking out the discounted or free dental services available to them are investing in their oral health.

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